Red Queen's Black Legion

"Red Queen’s Black Legion" team is a professional designer and manufacturer of highest quality women's Gothic, Steampunk, Steamgoth, Burlesque, Bridal, Dolly-Kei, Gothic Lolita and Punk clothes, and related accessories.
RQ-BL’s Steampunk clothing & accessories collection is probably biggest and most unique range you can ever find.

The Red Queen's Black Legion fashion is inspired by Steampunk lifestyle, 18-19 & early 20th century history, magic, vampires, Gothic & Steampunk literature and art.
 he Red Queen's Black Legion name is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland book.  
Red is blood, stands for passion and enthusiasm
Queen symbolizes noble and refined luxury
Black is a mysterious, dark side of Gothic vampires
Legion - heartfelt troops which use their lives to protect and fight for the Red Queen at battlefield