'White Witch' Contact Lenses
  • 'White Witch' Contact Lenses

'White Witch' Contact Lenses

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Colored contact lenses for a striking effect! ...
These soft lenses are for cosmetic and without correction

They are produced according to the international ISO standard and have CE safety certification.
These lenses have a diameter of
½" (14 mm) and a base curve of ¼" (8.6 mm).
Each box contains a pair of lenses in a sterile solution and detailed instructions.
Each lens has a clear circle in the middle that allows you to see through.
Your eyes are precious!
Read the instructions carefully before first use.
All lenses should be stored in a contact lens case filled with sterile solution.
You will find it very easily in your usual pharmacy or at your optician.
These lenses will completely cover the natural color of your eyes, even if they are dark in color.
After first opening their original packaging, be sure to immerse in a soft contact lens solution for at least 2 hours before wearing.
Validity after opening : 12 months
Daily use : 3 months
Recommended maximum usage time : 12 hours a day
Sold as pair

By Phantasee



½" (1.4 cm)

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