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  • Sub Rosa Poison Ring

    Price $44.16

    Beneath the rose, (a revered symbol of secrecy for many hundreds of years), there may just lie a malevolent draught of toxin for the subtle elimination of traitorous imposters.

    A pewter poison ring with a specially accessed secret compartment underneath the black resin rose; it is not a hinge! The sprung top must be lifted between finger and thumb and then swivelled round to one side.

    Designed and hand made in England incorporating Swarovski elements and fine English pewter.


    By Alchemy Gothic


  • Two halves of the same heart with the ardent promise of eternal love.

    The two separate halves of the ring are embossed with Latin: 'et nos unum sumus', (and we are one), and 'tenetur in aeternum', (bound forever).
    Together they read as 'we are bound together for eternity'.

    A double ring; a pair of complementory pewter band rings of the same size, to be worn together or separated.
    Each one features unique, embossed Latin lettering and a Swarovski crystal teardrop which, when worn together make a heart shape.

    One ring is in an antiqued polished finish with a clear Swarovski crystal, and the other is black pewter with a black Swarovski crystal.


    By Alchemy Gothic


  • 'Little raven-skull', in German; this great black bird is famous for it's prophetic powers, being Odin's messengers and capable of foretelling death.

    A conspiracy of ravens will always be seen feeding at a well-stocked gibbet.

    Designed and hand made in England in polished, antiqued pewter.


    By Alchemy Gothic


  • Kraken Ring

    Price $21.03

    You strain to escape the feel of the monstrous, slippery tentacles writhing to take a stranglehold on your neck, in much the same way that countless others failed to do in mysterious and tragic tales from the sea.

    A polished, antiqued pewter ring styled as the tentacles of a giant squid, wrapping around the finger.

    Designed and hand made in England in fine English pewter.


    By Alchemy Gothic


  • Cthulhu Ring

    Price $25.34

    The soul of darkness emerging from the malevolent depths of the dark ocean, suffocating the crystallised remnant of a spark of life.

    A highly detailed kraken/squid tentacled ring set with a Swarovski crystal heart in a white rainbow effect.

    Designed and hand made in England in fine English pewter, with a Swarovski crystal.


    By Alchemy Gothic


  • The instrument of the Norse god of storms, strength and fertility, engraved with runes for 'blood' and 'thunder'.

    A solid piece for a fierce viking

    An elaborate and intricately carved pewter ring in Viking style, of Thor's symbolic hammer, with runic symbols engraved on the shank.

    In English pewter.

    Hand made in England.

    By Alchemy metal wear


  • 'Betrothal' Ring

    Price $18.70

    A beautifully proportioned, miniature, rococo masterpiece of romantic tokenism, with the blood red enameled heart of passion.

    A dainty piece of elegant passion

    An intricate, floriate styled pewter ring with a central heart, filled with translucent red enamel.


    By Alchemy Gothic


  • 'Pentagration' Ring

    Price $19.81

    A magically intoned icon of power, the huge, wrought Medieval pentagram warns against all threat.

    A signature piece to protect the wearer from evil

    A large pewter, interwoven pentagram ring.

    In English pewter

    Hand made in England


    By Alchemy metal wear


  • "Ouija" Ring

    Price $16.49

    Ring presents cursor from spirit board ouija.
    It's filled with black, matte mass which contrast beautifully with silver elements.
     The same black filling is on the ring where are words "YES" and "NO" placed on opposite sides of the ring.

    Three sizes available (inner circumference of the ring : 0,63", 0,67", 0,71" (16 mm, 17 mm, 18 mm)

    High of main element :
    1¼" (3 cm)


    By Restyle


  • On each ring are inscribed seven signatures; one of angels, the other of 'demons'.

    The silver ring bears the seven traditional Archangels, or Planetary Angels; Michael, Gabriel, Camael, Raphael, Sachiel, Anael and Cassiel. Inside is engraved DUCITUR PER ANGELOS, 'Guided by Angels'.

    The black ring holds the signatures of seven Medieval spirits or angels, variously acclaimed 'demon' status by past mystics; Dagon, Azervial, Adatiel, Cassiel, Camriel, Adnachiel and Anael. Inside this is engraved TENTATUS A DAEMONIBUS, 'TEMPTED BY DEMONS'.

    Turn the rings and aligning the spirit's signatures so that they 'correspond', to summon their combined assistance and achieve a powerful range of objectives.

    A pair of pewter band rings, each ¼" wide, one antiqued pewter and the other antiqued black, each inscribed with the symbols of seven angel's, (one raised and the other engraved), which can be rotated to align angels.


    By Alchemy Gothic


  • Hi-Voltage Toric Generator...

    Price $22.02
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    Unusual, early but very highly efficient power generator to augment the energy demands of Victorian hi-tech gadgets.

    An apparently simple yet heavily detailed signature piece

    A two-tone pewter band ring with bronzed simulated winding around the centre.


    By Alchemy Empire


  • Dr. von Rosenstein's...

    Price $22.02
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    One vital part of Dr. Von Rosenstein's awesome 18th century, Post Mortem Cognitive Transfer technology apparatus, an authentic reproduction of the indispensable key to the induction matrix.

    A unique statement piece for the steampunk enthusiast

    A steampunk and gothic standard, pewter and solid brass band ring with pierced and etched brass detail.


    By Alchemy Empire


  • 'Vis Viva' Ring

    Price $22.02

    The living power; overwhelming energy and the force of life encircles and liberates the wearer.

    An orm or wyrm, in European tradition, a wingless, legless dragon.

    An intricately-designed ring of fantastical proportions

    A pewter wrap-around dragon-serpent ring, set with three black Swarovski crystals.


    By Alchemy Gothic


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    'Bed Of Blood Roses' Ring

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    A bed of tangled emotions and romance; sparkling roses flourish within the heart's blood of this finger-spanning ring.

    Swarovski crystals glitter from beneath the bright red enamel


    By Alchemy Gothic


  • The Ouroboros, ancient Gnostic symbol of eternity, rebirth and the unity of everything, representing the sun and soul of the world.

    A pewter Ouroboros ring of a serpent swallowing its own tail, and with Swarovski crystal-set eyes.


    By Alchemy Gothic