Reduce your budget by opting for split payment by bank card at no cost!

1. Start your order as normal, indicating your contact details and the desired means of transport:
2. Click on the "Continue" button, you will thus arrive at the choice of payment methods;
3. If your order is for an amount greater than €100, simply choose the number of monthly payments you want
by clicking on "pay in 2, 3, or 4 installments" with Alma.
In our example below, you opt for a payment in four installments free of charge:

The first quarter of the amount of your purchase is debited on the day of the order;
the second deadline will take place one month later;
the third due date, two months later;
finally, the balance will be debited three months after the purchase.

These terms are available for the following countries and territories:

​​​​​• Austria
• Belgium
• Germany
• Ireland
• Italy
• Luxemburg
• Portugal
• Spain
• The Netherlands
• Metropolitan France
• Guadeloupe
• French Guiana
• Martinique
• Mayotte
• Reunion

subject to acceptance of your financing by Alma.

Update : July 2, 2023