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Sensuous. Sexy. Wild.
No other adjectives are more fitting to describe the essence of the Pleaser brand of footwear and its extensive range of products.

As the ultimate go-to name in sexy shoes, Pleaser has become the standard all others are juged by.
Attention to details, superbcraftsmanship, fine material, innovative designs, unmatched selection, and unbeatable prices have all contributed to Pleaser's unsparalleled success and reputation among sexy shoe aficionados and professional performers alike.
Synonymous with sex appeal, Pleaser shoes have graced the covers and editorials of countess fashion and speciality magazines, adormed the feet of well-known celebrities, socialites and pop stars and are featured in numerous Hollywood movies and television shows.
Today, Pleaser is indiscutably one of the most renowned sexy brands worldwide !

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    Cyber platforms with pink pipes

    With the sole Pleaser, sweating is regulated and the foot does not slide forward.

    It is very easy to walk in these shoes.

    A gel is present inside of the sole, absorbing shocks and reducing the working micro-shocks to the joints.

    By Pleaser


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    The Little Black Riding...

    Our previous price Regular price $16.61 -30% Price $11.63

    - Black toiletry little bag that looks like a fairy tale, for our great pleasure!

    - Red heart is printed on the top.

    - Round mirror is provided, fixing in the bag by velcro.
    Closes with a zipper, with double tongue in the shape of a heart.


    By Pleaser